How a Computer Technician Fixes Problems

Published: 17th May 2011
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A computer technician provides support to computer users, whether it is an individual or a company that is in need of their services. This technician often belongs to a computer service centre. Every individual who uses a computer knows that the services of a computer technician are inevitable, as these machines face some problem or the other, with respect to hardware, software or misuse by the users.

Especially in the times of software or hardware problems that require immediate attention, a computer technician comes of timely help in providing immediate support. The technician is also helpful in solving problems of a general nature or in offering regular computer support, both which enhance the optimum performance of a computer. Though certain general problems can be fixed without much hassle, these, when ignored, lead to slow speed and failure of programs, over time.

A professional computer technician has the skill and knowledge to not merely fix recurring problems, but also to check the cause(s) lying underneath and solve them from the root. You may also enquire your technician about the steps to control and tackle such bugs in the future by yourself, should the problem occur again.

Registry repair, for example, is a general computer problem, and leads to unsatisfactory performance of the computer. A technician has to clean your computer up manually. If you have the interest, and more importantly, the background to fix such problems, you can pick up the right skills from your technician to handle such problems by yourself in the future. The technician can teach you the method to manually remove unwanted files, or if it doesnít work, can guide you in using registry cleaner software, which practically fixes the issue on autopilot. However, the registry cleaner, owing to its price, isnít economical in all cases. Thus, offices or larger networks with many computers can resort to it, while individuals, especially with residential computer usage, are better off with the manual services of a reliable computer technician.

A computer technician could be a field technician, who provides support at your location, or a bench technician, who works from their own office or employing company. While field technicians are very beneficial to computer users who require step-by-step guidelines for proper maintenance and management of small repairs, bench technicians provide you online as well as telephonic guidance and computer support that help you in managing smaller repairs. As it goes without saying, major repairs need to be attended to by the field technicians, as they have better tools and testing mechanisms to enable troubleshooting skillfully. Besides this, field technicians also get a first-hand view of your computer to fix its major problems without deterring its functionality and thus preventing further repair and costs.

As both hardware capabilities and operating systems are changing by the minute, the computer models and equipment that a technician handled a few years ago, right after his/her training are a far cry from what are available today. Thus, itís important to rely upon professional technicians from a reputed company, where they are constantly updated through regular training, even at work.

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